Handy Tips

First Visit You will be asked to complete a Physical activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) on your first visit so it would good if you could arrive a 5 minutes early.

Clothing – Please wear clothes in which you feel comfortable can easily move. Layers may be a good idea you will become warm during the class.

Towel – You may need to bring a towel as it is likely that you will perspire during the class.

Water – Please ensure that you bring some drinking water with you as you will need to keep hydrated throughout the class.

Shoes – Please wear shoes that have some cushioning and yet offer supportive, in order to protect your joints. Training shoes are good but please note that running shoes are designed primarily for forward motion and therefore may not be entirely suitable for fitness classes that incorporate many changes of direction or the need to spin and slide.

Injury – Please ensure that you advise the instructor of any injury that may be aggravated by exercise so that they can offer you suitable alternatives to movements that may not be appropriate for you.

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